Pukhraj Prajapat

Founder & Director

He is the one who brought the idea of G-axon to life. An engineer & an entrepreneur, he is the founder and director of the company. Result oriented & believes in experimenting & learning new things. He also gives his staff full opportunity to gain knowledge and ensures their growth. He recognizes that other people are smart and have great ideas and knowledge, respects relationships more than technology.


Babu Lal

Babu Lal Kumavat

Sr. Web Developer

Highly persistent, patient and has a strong sense of identifying the problems. He has superb knowledge and has thoroughly researched the primary programming languages, object models and frameworks. He can make sense of software requirements and understands what needs to be built, able to grasp the “mental model” of the internal structure of a software application.

shivlal ji


Shivlal Kumhar

Sr. Web Designer

Highly knowledgeable, when it comes to making responsive designs. He is an inspiration to the team members and always available to help anyone who needs it. He is able to look at a problem, analyze it, work out what class of problems it comes from, can find patterns, data structures or other pre-existing solutions that might fit the problem well and reduce the need to write code.



Yogendra Singh

Sr. Java / Android Developer

Yogendra is our Java expert and is responsible for the success of a large number of mobile applications we have built till date. To Yogendra, coding is an art. He is the poet of the programming world whose code is a work of art and can be appreciated and analyzed.



Gaurav Sharma


He is the one responsible for creating more business opportunities for the company. He represents the company on a variety of forums & interacts with the clients & other businesses. He has the ability to see things from the perspective of someone else & value the intellect of others. This not only gives him an opportunity to gain more knowledge but also helps to understand the requirements of the clients.



Dhirendra Raj

Graphic Artist

This is the guy behind the User Interface of all the websites & mobile applications we build. Being an artist, he loves to day-dream. At the same time, he is extremely passionate & meticulous about his work. His passion reflects in the creative designs he delivers.



Ramdev Kumhar

Wordpress Web Developer

Ramdev “WordPress” Kumhar is one of the most important faces behind most of the websites we build. This know-it-all developer is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to front-end development. He has completed projects on several Content Management Systems including Drupal, Magento & Laravel, but WordPress is what he specializes in.



Shahbaz Ahmed

Web Developer

Shahbaz, our PHP expert is responsible for most of the back-end activities in the websites we build. He is a highly dedicated member of our team with high level professionalism. He likes to tweak every block of code to perfection. If he is working on your project, your project is in good hands.


Jhanwar Lal

Jhanwar Lal

Web Designer

This guy is responsible for all the HTML/CSS work involved in any web design / development project. He feels obliged to impart his knowledge to others and share his passion for the theory and technical intricacies of coding. Every project is his precious child and he does everything to ensure its successful completion.



Pankaj Suthar

Web Developer

Usually quiet and soft-spoken. Works surprisingly well on a team. Everyone notices his tireless nature but can’t figure out how he does everything so well and so quickly. There is much evidence of his work but little evidence that he did it. “Show, don’t tell” describes his modus operandi best.



Murli Swami

Android Developer

Determined, team player, cool-headed & open-minded. These are the qualities of Murli Swami, a Java developer and an integral part of G-axon team. He has the ability to maintain his calm even when the work-load is high and the deadline is approaching. Relentlessly hard-working and always creating new tools and libraries for himself.



Gopal Devra

iOS Developer

An experienced and talented iOS developer. He even spends the lunch time frantically writing codes to finish the projects ahead of time and is usually the last one to leave the cubicle. Coding is his second love. His first love is Pani Puri.



Ghanshyam Tomer

iOS Developer

A youthful, energetic and very talented iOS developer! His best assets are his willingness to learn what he needs to complete the job and his ability to absorb the information like a sponge. He is resourceful, working with whatever is available to him. What makes him an important part of our team — He always gets the job done. Somehow…anyhow!


Jai Prakash

Jai Prakash Prajapat

iOS Developer

He resolves problems quickly and efficiently, regardless of time or place. He is a programming ninja whose stealth sends chills down your spine, and he leaves you wondering how he managed to accomplish his feat. He goes beyond the call of duty to deliver the product and takes great pride in his work. The greatest reward he looks for – An appreciation email from the client.


Jai Kishan

Jai Kishan

Web Developer

Youngest member of the team, but nonetheless, hardworking and a born programmer. Usually likes to keep himself occupied with coding but in whatever little free time he has, he reads books, journal articles and the likes to improve himself. Very much an introvert, he feels most comfortable in the world of code and programming jargon.



Gaurav Prajapat

Web Designer

This guy doesn’t need a reason to laugh. Just look at him and he’ll respond with a big smile stretched from one ear to ear. But extremely dedicated when it comes to work. His motto? Don’t have doubts; just resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. This no-nonsense attitude makes him an absolute joy to work with. Able to make a value judgment about what is really important, values practical outcomes and avoids gold plating.



Santosh Mandal

Web Designer

Our evolving CSS expert and a musician at heart. When he isn’t writing codes, You will either find him cooking or playing guitar. Loves to help people and is super curious by nature. If you get in touch with him, be ready to answer to his questions, irrespective of the topic of the discussion. He is highly flexible, & has thirst of knowledge.