About us

Who we are

Just like axons transmit useful information to different parts of our body, G-Axon helps websites transmit information to the users of the internet in a more effective way. If you have a target audience and want to make sure your audience notices you, we can help.

Through our expertise, we offer purpose-built solutions for the mobile and web so that our clients can grow and make more sales. We believe the Internet is the world’s largest marketplace. G-Axon comes in to equip you with tools that can guarantee you stand out in the large crowd.

Our Philosophy

Team G-Axon sticks to the following four qualities for healthy working relationships:

  • Professionalism,
  • Confidentiality,
  • Transparency, and
  • Integrity

Using these four qualities, our teams win over each client’s trust and build long term relationships for growth and success in the long run.

How We Work

Here at G-Axon, we follow a well structured process to carry out each task. The process starts with meetings with clients and professional phone conversations with team members to understand project requirements.

  • Each requirement is then planned and analyzed before it is debriefed to the rest of the team to devise a sound strategy.
  • Our team then makes sure the strategy is fully abided by during the Performance phase. We then test the final output before submitting it over for review.
  • The final proposal is then implemented, and this is how we help our clients shine through and stay on top of the competition.